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Goddess stories have transformed to princesses that lie comatose until awakened by a prince. This undermines the power girls see in themselves. Let's change that!

Old Myths, New Twists

We reveal the true, powerful goddess stories with fun, modern twists that make them accessible to all. See our collection of goddesses.


We give 5% of all our profits to groups that provide education to young girls. This will make new stories of empowerment happen now. Shop


We are actively pursuing opportunities to license the Groovy Goddess collection. We'd love to hear from you!

What you wear is material®

For clothing that adheres to industry accepted ethical standards like WRAP, we have a registered trademark for  "What You Wear is Material."

Our Portfolio

I am pleased to introduce our Groovy Goddesses. These designs can be used as simple line art, and they can also have the colors changed.


Corinne supports and encourages a social and cultural evolution by breaking the chains of poverty and disempowerment of women globally through the power of goddesses - women so alive and bright, they exude a natural magnetism that inspires. She takes the true stories of archetypical goddesses and designs impact in a fun, hip, and contemporary way Medusa vents, "Even a Goddess Has a Bad Hair Day," while Pandora asserts, "It took a Goddess to Think Out of the Box."

Artist, Chief Executive Goddess

Corinne Wayshak

Artist, Chief Executive Goddess


  • "I love to give out my Groovy Goddess cards. My friends all love them."

    Vanessa B.

  • "As an older Groovy Goddess, I would like to thank the designer of these wonderful products for setting an example for ALL women by reminding them that anyone can be a Groovy Goddess."

    Joan W.

  • "Corinne's playful artwork will appeal to a broad audience and could inspire them to find their own goddess within."

    Patrica C.

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We have been selling shirts and cards; however, we are now actively pursuing opportunities to license the Groovy Goddess collection. We'd love to hear from you!

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